It’s Time To Take It to the Treetops in the Green Hell

It’s Time To Take It to the Treetops in the Green Hell Building Update Available Now on PC

As all Green Hell players know, survival in the Amazon is no easy task. If eating the wrong thing doesn’t kill you, surely there’s a predator stalking you from the shadows. You might think nowhere in this dense rainforest is safe, but have you considered the treetops? Originally revealed as part of the 2022 Road Map, we can proudly announce that the Building Update is now available, for free, to all PC players.

After running a pre-update beta (PUB, for short) we gathered and took into careful consideration feedback from thousands of hardcore fans. This allowed us to refine the Building Update ahead of today’s launch and also take notes on new improvements which players would like to see next. One of the interesting facts about our PUB is that over 60% of participants of the PUB playtested the update for over two hours – and we are really thankful for the engagement of all the players! The Pre-Update Beta was such a success that we’re planning to run more of them in the future.

Adding a ton of new content to the game including the ability to build treehouses and even build on water, the Building Update also includes some big quality-of-life improvements to make building your homestead more efficient than ever. See below for some of the additions:

  • Build your home in the trees – Utilizing a new Climbing Rope construction, players can head to the treetops to build their very own treehouse! Find the biggest tree around—covered with Indigo Blue Leptonia Mushrooms and Banisteropsis Vine—and assemble your two-story Wooden/Bamboo Tree House.

  • Footbridge – Make easy walking connections between your tree constructions as well as your water and land abodes.

  • Whatever floats your boat – The new Floating Frame & Triangular Floating Frame will allow players to build their abode up to 3 floors high right on the water.

  • 3-sided fun – Use new Wooden/Bamboo Triangular Frames to create a more unique home than ever before.

  • STAY OUT! – Keep out unwanted visitors with Wooden/Bamboo Doors.

  • More building material options – Bamboo and Wood everywhere! Build new versions of walls, roofs, and ceilings out of the material of your fancy.

  • Hit ‘em hard – No predator is safe when players wield the all-new Heavy Stone Axe, the first two- handed axe players can craft on their own.

  • Revamped notebook – The player notebook is slimmer and more organized than ever.

  • Clear your path – Cut down big palms, logs, stumps, and branches to clear your path all through the Amazon.