Green Hell’s Animal Husbandry Update

Green Hell’s Animal Husbandry Update is Now Available on Consoles

Have you always dreamed of your own capybara, tapir, and peccary farm? Creepy Jar is here to tell console players that they need to dream no more. The Animal Husbandry Update has arrived!

Since August of last year, console fans of Creepy Jar’s wildly successful survival title, Green Hell, have watched their PC counterparts with envy as they enjoyed the Animal Husbandry update. The free update which introduced many new features such as the ability to tame and breed a number of the game’s creatures—including Creepy Jar’s personal favorite, the capybara—is now available to all console players on PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Not content to just add this update for console players, the dev team at Creepy Jar made sure to include new features and quality-of-life improvements, such as those from the Name your Pet Update and the Plant Naming patch. Updating Green Hell for consoles always takes a bit more time than on PC, but the goal for Creepy Jar is always to not only deliver new content as soon as possible but to also ensure they go over and above when the opportunity presents itself.

Announced as part of Green Hell’s 2022 roadmap, the Animal Husbandry update includes several new features that go far beyond the ability to simply breed animals. Staying true to the foundations of Green Hell, it’s not as easy as you might think!

Utilizing the all-new blowpipe weapon, players can hunt capybara, peccary, and tapir safely putting them to sleep in order to keep them within pens, which are able to be built at their bases. Care for them, earn their trust, feed them, clean their living quarters, and maybe—if you have both a male and female in captivity—you’ll be able to breed them, as well. And of course, you can pet your newfound friends!

Further to that, you can also use the blowpipe as a defense against other animal and human enemies by immobilizing the threat either immediately or over time based on your target’s size. In addition to the three creatures already listed, let it be known that the Animal Husbandry update also introduces the ability to capture and breed bees, keeping them in beehives where players can then harvest valuable honey. Please be warned: it is not advisable to pet the bees.