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Rio Tuichi Expedition 2009

Participants: Maciej Tarasin – expedition leader, Natasza Szałajska & Bolivian guide Gido
Distance covered: over 250 km from Pata to Lago Chalalan
Equipment: Inner tubes, balsa tree & ropes


Excerpts from the expedition report:

"…Rio Tuichi, located in the northern sections of Bolivia, is set in the Madidi National Park. The river trails amidst the rainforests and converges with the Beni River south of Rurrenabaque.

Rio Tuichi became famous thanks to Israeli writer Yossi Grinsberg who flipped his handmade raft in the waters of Tuichi in 1982 and found himself lost in the jungle for three agonizing weeks. His adventures were described in a book published 3 years later “Back from Tuichi”. In Pata which was our put in, Natasza and I built a raft made of inner tubes and balsa tree. That was our first ever raft construction. Our rafting trip started in late September 2009. During the first few days of paddling we encountered many gold diggers in the Tuichi canyon. We were lucky to have met a nice and quiet local guide Gido in the village of Asariamas. He joined our expedition on the 4th day of floating down Tuichi. On the next day we camped in cocoa plantation surrounded by fruit trees and lush vegetation. The river streamed through majestic canyons and breathtaking landscapes, thus creating a magical ambience. The thundering waters of the river flowing among wilderness offered Natasza and myself a true taste of adventure. We lost our raft for a few minutes in "Puerto del Sol" canyon as we were lining it down through a rapid that looked too dangerous to be tackled. Our guide Gido dashed on the rocks like a rabbit in a meadow and disappeared down the canyon next to a powerful waterfall. After spotting him I swam across with a paddle. I realized that after a dramatic chase Gido managed to recover the raft along with our belongings. One of the inner tubes got damaged but we had a spare one just in case.

Moving downstream Rio Tuichi enters a verdant gorge with lush rainforests, which is the home to several mammals such as monkeys, caimans and tapirs…"

© Maciej Tarasin.
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Rio Tuichi Expedition 2009
Photo: Maciej Tarasin