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Nahanni expedition 2008

Participants: Maciej Tarasin - expedition leader & Grzegorz Szałajski
Distance covered: over 400 km from Island lakes to Nahanni Butte
Nahanni National Park is an undisturbed natural area of deep river canyons cutting through mountain ranges, with huge waterfalls and complex cave systems. The geomorphology of the park is outstanding in its wealth of form and complexity of evolution. Fluvial processes and features predominate. Within the park are examples of almost every distinct category of river or stream that is known along with one of North America’s huge waterfalls, Virginia Falls.


Excerpts from the expedition report:

"…Second Canyon looks very impressive - canyon walls rising to over 1000 meters are crowned with spruce trees. After passing second canyon we paddle for several kilometers through Deadmen’s Valley - a gloomy place during rainy weather. At the entrance of the First Canyon we encounter a serious class III rapid. We take it from the left and move really fast between splashing white water. Suddenly to our surprise, we spot a young moose on the right bank of Nahanni How could the moose get so deep inside the canyon? Finally we reach Kraus hot springs. Dirty and tired we bathe in hot water for an hour. After ten days of bathing in ice-cold mountain water barely noticeable sulfur smell can not discourage us. In addition we have a nice view of a small waterfall flowing between the rocks of the First Canyon - a well-deserved reward for the hardships of the past days…"

Full report in Polish

© Maciej Tarasin.
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Nahanni expedition  2008
Photo: Maciej Tarasin