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About Maciej

"...The low-profile, Polish canoe-tripping explorer extraordinaire has been quietly notching a slew of bold and interesting descents over the last few years. After a canoe descent of Ethiopia's (since-dammed) Omo River in 2008, Tarasin and Natasza Szalajska ran Bolivia's Rio Tuichi on a self-made raft in 2009, and then the duo returned the next year for a first descent of Bolivia's Rio Altamachi. In 2011, he popped up on a few more radar screens after a canoe/rafting expedition down Colombia's Rio Yari "in the heart of guerillas land" ended on Day 18 with a Colombian military rescue..

"That didn't stop him from heading back to canoe through the jungles of the Amazon basin. During his recent 2013 expedition he paddled with Jaime Gomez down Colombia's remote Rio Tunia, Rio Apaporis and Rio San Jorge plus 20 miles of the Rio Cunare. This journey includes the first documented descent of the Rio San Jorge, plus the first north-to-south passage of the Serrania de Chiribiquete mountains..."

Canoe & Kayak.

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Maciej Tarasin - Adventure & Exploration
Photo: Piotr Opacian