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Website aims to share with a potential reader my experience of descending wild and remote rivers. Majority of my expeditions had been conducted in the Amazon river basin.
After rafting down Ethiopian Omo river I turned my attention to Bolivia for two consecutive descents: Rio Tuichi & Rio Altamachi.
In 2011 during an expedition down Rio Yari I had survived 4 days with just a knife and no food or shelter searching for a lost boat. This is when I fell in love with Colombia and Caqueta department.
In 2013 I completed the first North to South passage of Cerrania Chiribiquete. Year later my expedition down Rio Tunia was sent off by left wing guerilla. This is when my project to find undiscovered earlier rock paintings began.
In 2015 during an expedition to the sources of Rio Cunare I was bitten by pit viper and evacuated by Colombian Air Forces. Two years later during a descent of Rio Ajaju I reached the Sanctuary of Jaguar – a sacred place covered with thousands of amazing rock paintings.
In 2018 another expedition down Rio Tunia and Rio Apaporis have been arranged. My friend Camilo Matapi rescued a trapped armadillo as we paddled through the canyon of Chiribiquete. No luck with finding paintings though.
In 2019 during the first descent of Rio Mesay undiscovered rock paintings have been eventually found by an international expedition I was a member of.
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Photo: Maciej Tarasin

Amazon forest

Photo: Francisco Castro
Photo: Piotr Opacian
Photo: Grzegorz Szłajski