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website aims to share with a potential reader my experience of descending wild and remote rivers. Three of the five expeditions that have been described on this website refer to the Amazon river basin. My passion to explore the remote areas of the Amazon began in 2009 when I descended Rio Tuichi in Bolivian Madidi National Park.

Ever since then I have tried to return to the "green hell" every year. Originally, I concentrated on extreme sports and adventure. The first ever descent of the Rio Altamachi in 2010 which involved passing through areas not encroached by humans changed my focus. I became more interested in exploration, wildlife observation and protection of the Amazon tribes. During the expedition to the Colombian Rio Yari I survived four days in the rain forest with just a knife trying to find my way out of a powerful Raudal del Tiburon. This experience brought me closer to the Amazon. After a spectacular search & rescue action I was rescued by the soldiers of the Colombian Air Forces. One of the ways I can thank them is by sharing the beauty of the Colombian part of the Amazon with others. This is my goal for the future expeditions.
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Photo: Maciej Tarasin
Photo: Piotr Opacian

Amazon forest

Photo: Francisco Castro
Photo: Francisco Castro
Photo: Natasza Szałajska
Photo: Piotr Opacian
Photo: Grzegorz Szłajski